With the highest royalties rates in the industry.

Self-publish your Book with RocCityBookPublishing.com
We are a member of BootstrapPublishing.net  and provide the fastest easiest and most economical way of publishing your books without the hassle of signing up with a publisher. With the highest royalties rates in the industry and the lowest book production cost on the market.

What are the benefits?

Compare us with other online self-publishing companies and you will find that in most cases you’ll earn more on your online retail sales and pay less when you order copies for yourself.

Worry-Free Sales 35 to 70% of eBooks’, and 35 to 65% of your pod book. Much more for your printed copies you sell on your website.  All deposited directly into your account.  No publishers to get % or cut of your royalty.

When you self-publish with us and the complete process of publishing, printing and managing sales is done by Amazon and Barns and Nobel PubIt! NOOK Books.  Both used for publishing services.

Extended Distribution Chanel-Apart from you book being sold on Amazon and the eStore you can get your book listed on EDC. This option would make your book available to hundreds of sales channels across the world. The profit percentage you get on the EDC sales might be lower than other channels but the idea of getting your book listed with international sellers like Abebooks, book a million etc. .

Non-exclusive Agreement-You might be thinking what if my book hits all-time best sellers and I want to actually sign up with another publisher? There is not binding contract and allows you to take advantage of any promotional or third party publishing efforts.

Print on Demand and ebook publishing have created a whole new model for publishing. Print as you sell.